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Our mission is to ensure maximum recovery and healing for youth with drug and alcohol use problems, provide support for their families, and prevent substance abuse by youth in high-risk environments.

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Whether they’re your closest family or a complete stranger, there are lots of simple ways to bring joy to others every single day. So, we came up with 10.

If you live an altruistic life and donate to an organization or cause you care about, you might be surprised to find these life benefits from financial donating.

PDAP Receives Grant from Swift Memorial Health Care Foundation

Our Board and Staff are immensely grateful for a grant of $7,000 from the Swift Memorial Health Care Foundation to support and expand our program providing treatment, early intervention and prevention services to high-risk Ventura County youth. This allows us to serve youth and families who cannot afford regular fees for counseling, but are in need of it, especially during the summer months and whenever school is not in session and on-campus services are not available.